Kerbal Player’s Guide – Manning, Jon



Kerbal Players Guide – Manning, Jon

Kerbal Space Program (KSP) is a critically acclaimed, bestselling space flight simulator game. It…s making waves everywhere from mainstream media to the actual space flight industry, but it has a bit of a learning curve. In this book, five KSP nerds-including an astrophysicist-teach you everything you need to know to get a nation of tiny green people into space.KSP is incredibly realistic. When running your space program, you…ll have to consider delta-V budgets, orbital mechanics, Hohmann transfers, and more. This book is perfect for video game players, simulation game players, Minecrafters, and amateur astronomers.Design, launch, and fly interplanetary rocketsCapture an asteroid and fly it into a parking orbitTravel to distant planets and plant a flagBuild a moon rover, and jump off a crater ridgeRescue a crew-mate trapped in deep space Spis treści:PrefaceAudienceOrganization of This BookPart IPart IIPart IIIConventions Used in This BookSupplementary MaterialOReilly SafariHow to Contact UsAcknowledgmentsJon, Paris, and TimAlasdair AllanPaul FenwickI. Getting Started1. You Will Go to Space TodayGetting Kerbal Space ProgramGoing to SpaceGetting StartedAccepting a MissionBuilding the Worlds Simplest RocketConstructing the craftSetting up the stagesLaunching the Worlds Simplest RocketThe games UIKeybindings and mouse controlsSlip the surly bonds of KerbinWhat to Do Next2. Rockets!Rocket DesignDesign for Your MissionForces on Your RocketsShapeBuilding a RocketVehicle Assembly BuildingRocket PartsPodsFuel tanksEnginesCommand and controlStructuralAerodynamicsUtilityScienceCommunicationsAdvanced adding partsConnecting the RocketStruts and stabilityFuel linesAsparagus stagingFairingsRemember the MissionGetting Back DownSummary3. ManeuversLaunching into OrbitThe Launch PadTest Rocket: TKB-01 Lets Hope This WorksLaunching the RocketPrelaunch checklistLaunchingEstablishing an OrbitCircularizingManeuver NodesDoing an EVAReentryLanding (and Walking Away from It)DockingTest Rocket TKB-DK-2: In-Orbit Construction Is Totally in NowRendezvousChanging planesInterceptingMatching velocityApproachDockingResource ManagementUndockingSummary4. Planes in SpaceHeading Out for a JoyrideDesigning for FlightAerodynamic ForcesBuilding a PlaneJet enginesAir intakesLanding gearWingsControl surfacesDesigning Good PlanesOptimizing the Center of LiftNiftyPlane 9000DesignTaking It to OrbitSummary5. The Worlds of Kerbal Space ProgramMeet the KerbalsJebediah KermanBill KermanBob KermanValentina KermanGene KermanWernher von KermanA Space Tourists Guide to the Kerbol SystemKerbolMohoEveGillyKerbinFacility tourVehicle Assembly BuildingSpace Plane HangarAstronaut ComplexResearch and DevelopmentMission ControlTracking StationLaunch pad and runwayFlagpoleAdministrationMunMinmusDunaIkeDresJoolLaytheVallTyloBopPolEelooSummaryII. Adventures in Space6. Running a Space ProgramResources in Career ModeUpgrading Your Space CenterScience, Technology, and ResearchDoing ScienceScience and SituationsMobile Processing LabsHiring KerbonautsKerbonaut Skills and ExperienceTaking ContractsManaging Your FundsReputationStrategiesCustomizing Your ExperienceTips for Success7. Historical ReenactmentSputnik 1 (First Satellite in Orbit)DesignRe-creating Sputnik in KSPLaunchAftermathVostok 1 (First Human Space Flight)DesignRe-creating the Vostok 3KA in KSPLaunchAftermathLuna 9 (First Soft Landing of Probe on Moon)DesignRe-creating Luna in KSPLaunchAftermathApollo 11 (First Crewed Moon Landing)DesignRe-creating Apollo 11 in KSPLaunchRearranging the ShipLanding on MunReturning HomeAftermathApollo 15 (First Lunar Rover)DesignRe-creating Apollo 15 in KSPLaunchAftermathSummary8. Getting to the PlanetsTransferring Between Celestial ObjectsPorkchop plotsDestination: DunaThe Duna Exploration RoverGetting the Rover onto the SurfaceGetting the Rover to DunaFlying the MissionA Flight over LaytheThe Laythe GliderFlying to LaytheA Probe to EveThe Eve ProbeFlying to EveSummary9. Rocket ScienceThe Law of Conservation of MomentumThrust-to-Weight RatioSpecific ImpulseDelta-vThe Rocket EquationDerivation of the Rocket EquationCenter of Mass, Thrust, and DragOrbitsGetting to OrbitThe Gravity TurnGravity LossesAtmospheric DragThe Kármán LineBasic OrbitingSphere of InfluenceSynchronous and Stationary OrbitTransferring OrbitsHohmann TransfersSlingshots and Gravity AssistsOberth EffectAerobrakingLithobrakingSummaryIII. Extending the Game10. Introduction to ModsInstalling Mods Using the CKANInstalling the CKANInstalling a ModWhy Is the CKAN Such a Big Deal?Mods and Saved GamesSummary11. Utility ModsAction Groups ExtendedCreating Action Groups with AGExtAction group manifest windowGroup edit windowAction list windowSelecting partsHiding/Showing Action Groups in FlightEditing Groups in FlightKerbal Alarm ClockYour First AlarmAdding Custom AlarmsExploring FurtherMechJebAscent GuidanceManeuver PlannerMechJeb Build HelperSummary12. Adding RealismRealism Overhaul and Real Solar SystemSandbox and Career Mode (RP-0)Money in RP-0Avionics in RP-0Launching with Real EnginesReal engines dont throttleReal engines dont restartReal engines need ullageOrbital and landing engines break these rulesUnderstanding real propellant mixturesKerosene and liquid oxygen (aka kerolox)Liquid hydrogen and oxygen (aka hydrolox)Storable HypergolicsMonopropellantsThe Rocket Equation and You!SCANsatMapping BasicsLarge and small mapsBest Altitudes and Fields of ViewRemoteTechInstallation and RequirementsA Simple ProbeAntenna SelectionOmnidirectional antennaeDish antennaeTargeting bodiesActive vesselDirect linkRange modelsOrbit SelectionAd hoc networksContinuous coverage networksSingle-launch deploymentMolniya orbitsFlight ComputerRemoteTech and ContractsSummary13. Creating a ModPartsModeling a Part in BlenderPreparing the Part in UnityGetting the toolsPreparing your partWriting the Config FileCreating a ModuleWriting the CodeUpdating the PartModule ManagerBasic OperationsSelecting PartsLoad OrderAdvanced Example: Tweaking Science ExperimentsSummary14. Adding Hardware to the GameThe ArduinoThe BoardPowering the BoardInput and OutputCommunicating with the BoardInstalling the Aruino IDEInstalling on OS XInstalling on LinuxInstalling on MS WindowsConnecting to the BoardGetting Started with ArduinoBlinking an LEDMaking a Serial ConnectionThe KSP SerialIO ModInstalling KSPSerialIOThe Configuration FilePacket Structure and CommunicationBuilding a Simple Status LightHandshakingAdding an Indicator for SAS ToggleDetecting a LaunchAdding a ButtonAdding Another Blinking LightAdding a DisplayThe Telemachus ModInstalling TelemachusUsing TelemachusThe HTTP APIThe Web Socket APIUsing HID with KSPHID and the ArduinoStaging Using HIDThe Arduino UnoGoing FurtherIndex


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