The Egyption Souvenir


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The Egyption Souvenir

‘I’m going to solve this mystery! I’m tired, but before I turn out the light, I’m going to write down all the things I’ll need for my investigation.’Sally wants to be a detective and her hobby is solving mysteries. But this time the mystery is really difficult! Read about Sally’s adventures and enjoy!SyllabusVocabulary areasPeople, Personal feelings, Schooland Study, TravelFunctions and NotionsMaking predictions, talking about(im)probability and (im)possibility,Expressing opinions, agreementand disagreement, Expressing degreesof certainty and doubtGrammar and StructuresPresent tenses: simple, continuousand perfect, Past tenses: simple,continuous,Future tenses: going to, will,Adjectives, Adverbs, Modals,Prepositions, Question formation,Verb patternsTagsCrime | FriendshipEAN: 9788853631947

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