Sports Muscle Injuries and Actovegin



Sports Muscle Injuries and Actovegin

Muscle injuries are very common sports-related injuries. They results in significant morbidity and time lost from training and competitions. R.I.C.E. have been the mainstay of therapy, which are based on tradition and poor evidence. Recently, there have been many new potential treatment options available on the market, attempting to shorten healing and speed up recovery. The biochemical events following skeletal muscle injuries and repair is driven by cytokines, monocytes and leukocytes. The speed and quality of muscle healing are dependent on the inflammatory process. Studies suggested Actovegin could significantly modulate the inflammatory process. This book analyzed the Dr. Mueller-Wohlfahrts Actovegin injection regime in detail and discuss the potential for a new treatment regimen based on single agent Actovegin injection. This book should help shed some light on the scientific logics and new theories on Actovegin therapy, and should be especially useful to professionals in sports and sports injuries fields such as high-performance athletes, coaches, physiotherapist, sports doctors, or anyone else who may be dealing with muscle injuries.

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