Soil Compaction in Crop Production 94


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Soil Compaction in Crop Production 94

This book provides a global review of the mechanisms, incidence and control measures related to the problems of soil compaction in agriculture, forestry and other cropping systems. Among the disciplines which relate to this subject are soil physics, soil mechanics, vehicle mechanics, agricultural engineering, plant physiology, agronomy, pedology, climatology and economics.The volume will be of great value to soil scientists, agricultural engineers, and all those involved with irrigation, drainage and tillage. It will help to facilitate the exchange of information on current work throughout the world, as well as to promote scientific understanding and stimulate the development, evaluation and adoption of practical solutions to these widespread and urgent problems.This is an excellent reference book on soil compaction that covers the subject starting from a historical view to the most recent aspects of subsoil compaction by heavy vehicular traffic. Journal of Natural Resources & Life Sciences Education

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