Kostaryka Costa Rica przewodnik Dk 2021



Kostaryka Costa Rica przewodnik Dk 2021

Welcome to Paradise! Unmatched in beauty and biodiversity, Costa Rica is the perfect place to experience incredible wildlife, scuba dive in crystal-clear waters or savor a cup of world-famous coffee. This travel guide allows you to experience all the exciting things that Costa Rica has to offer. Take the new lightweight Costa Rica travel book wherever you go. Inside the pages of DK Eyewitness Costa Rica, you ll find: Our pick of Costa Rica s must-sees, top experiences and hidden gems. A detailed field guide with information on animals, terrain, flora and conservation. The best spots to eat, drink, shop and stay. Detailed maps and walks make navigating the country easy. Easy-to-follow itineraries. Expert advice: get ready, get around and stay safe. Color-coded chapters to every part of Costa Rica, from Guanacaste to Northern Nicoya, the Caribbean to San José. Get ready to discover the best of Costa Rica! Visit paradise with sun-drenched beaches, verdant valleys, abundant wildlife and countless opportunities for outdoor adventure. Our updated guide has expert-led insights, trusted travel advice and detailed breakdowns of all the must-see sights which bring Costa Rica to life. This guide to Costa Rica will ensure your trip is unforgettable! Find out why Costa Rica is home to the worlds happiest people as this guide takes you on an adventure to experience the promise of Pura Vida. Each page has spectacular detailed photographs and hand-drawn illustrations which place you inside the states iconic buildings and neighborhoods. Find a detailed guide to the country s animal, terrain and flora, along with tons of information on local conservation.Got the travel itch? Scratch it with other Eyewitness titles!DK Eyewitness is the most up-to-date travel guide series following the COVID-19 outbreak. Each guide includes expert-led insights into the world s most famous countries and cities, things to do and places to stay. Want the best of Central America in your pocket? Try our DK Eyewitness guides to Mexico, Cuba and the Caribbean.

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